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Let Us Help You Sell Your Car!

Do you need help selling your car? For the past 15 years we have successfully sold serviced, and financed over 10,000 vehicles. Why not get us to help you sell your car with no upfront costs and an easy system to get your vehicle sold right away. We will put your vehicle on every advertising platform to get your car noticed and we take care of all the paperwork, pictures and showing of your vehicle.

Please fill out the details below and submit your vehicle and if we don’t sell your car in 30 days we will ROW Auto Sales will buy it from you.

Why Consign a Vehicle?


We’ve all heard the scary stories about individuals trying to sell their vehicles privately. Why take the risk?


Avoid tire kickers and the hassle of unqualified buyers calling and emailing you with tiresome questions. Even if someone arranges to come and see your vehicle, more often than not they waste your time again by not showing up! Bring it to our dealership and let us deal with the tire kickers for you.


When you sell your vehicle privately, you need to place expensive ads in the local paper and auto-trader magazines, often week after week with little or no result. Even if you advertise online on a free site, your ad will only stay at the top positions for a short time before you have to pay for a bump-up. At ROW Auto Sales we’ll take care of the advertising and expense so you don’t have to.


We all know that everybody is out to get a deal. Haggling over price can be uncomfortable, and you tend to get worn down or feel pressure to give in to a low offer if your vehicle isn’t selling. Our professional salespeople have years of experience negotiating pricing so you can avoid any uncomfortable situations.


Selling your car privately means you’re only targeting people who have access to enough cash to pay for it up-front. At ROW Auto Sales, we offer a variety of financing options to make it easier for people to purchase your vehicle. These financing options make it possible for people, who wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do so through a private sale, to buy your vehicle.

Vehicle Appraisal

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The Basics

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